Now the government will also give money to farmers for smartphones, know where to get it?

Farmer Phone Scheme: After a year-long farmers’ agitation in different parts of the country including the country’s capital Delhi, the central government has announced the withdrawal of all three agricultural laws. After this announcement, the state governments have also started wooing the farmers in their own way. Now the Gujarat government has announced to help farmers of Rs 1500 per family to buy smartphones.

This new scheme in Gujarat

According to the circular issued by the Farmers Welfare and Cooperation Department of Gujarat, this scheme is only for the farmers of that state. Farmers who have private land in Gujarat can take advantage of this scheme. They can buy any smartphone of their choice. 10 percent (up to Rs 1500) of the total price of that phone will be given to the farmer by the government. The rest of the amount will have to be given by the farmers themselves.

According to the scheme, only 1 farmer per family will get the benefit of this scheme. Also, in case of joint holding, only one beneficiary will get the benefit of the scheme. According to the department, to take advantage of this scheme, the landholder farmers of Gujarat can apply to the government through the portal.

1500 rupees will come in the account

The farmer will have to buy this smartphone after the application is approved. After that the farmer will have to submit a copy of the purchase bill of the smartphone, IMEI number of the mobile, a canceled check and other necessary documents to the department. Then the amount of 1500 rupees will reach his account.

will not get this amount

In the circular, the department has clearly clarified that only the price of the smartphone is included in this scheme. This does not include power bank, earphones, charger and other things. The government says that when farmers have their smartphones, they will be able to get information about the use of new technologies in agriculture, weather forecast and seed-crop. After getting the call, they will be able to apply in the welfare schemes of the state and central government in a better way.

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