In DC Comics’ film, Kashmir was told ‘controversial’, Indians will teach a lesson to #AntiIndiaSuperman

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New Delhi: A new animated film of America’s famous superhero Superman has arrived. In which Superman is shown as anti-India. It is shown in the film that Superman does not like the Indian army in Kashmir.

DC Comics insulted India

In our country, people target Food Delivery App and Fashion App. We’ve taken a very big target and that is to force DC Comics, which produced Superman, to apologize. Super Heroes are shown to be very powerful in movies and comics. However, now 135 crore people of India will be heavy on Superman.

Superman is the most popular Super Hero in the world and lives in America. There will hardly be any family in India who has not heard the name of Superman and Superman is especially very popular among children.

In Hollywood movies and in Superman comics, we have been reading that America is a super power and America has the contract to save the whole world. That’s why all the Super Heroes, whether it is Superman, Iron Man or Bat Man, all live in America. Through these Super Heroes, America has kept the youth and children of the whole world under its influence.

Controversial animated film on Kashmir

This time in his new animated film, Super Man reached Kashmir and described Kashmir as a disputed area. It is shown in the film that he destroyed all the weapons of the Indian Army in the name of peace and also said that there is no work of the army in Kashmir.

After watching this film, the youth of India and all over the world will probably think that the Indian army has occupied Kashmir. Therefore DC Comics, which produced Super Man, should not only remove this scene from the film but should also apologize to India. You can force DC Comics to apologize by tweeting on Hashtag Anti India Superman.

Isn’t it right to make Super Heroes a part of politics and propaganda? If these Super Heroes go to Kashmir of India and destroy the bases of the Indian Army and its weapons, then you will not see Super Hero but Super Villain in them. You would wish that there was such a fictional superhero in India too who could teach a lesson to these superheroes who dreamed of liberating Kashmir.

The damage done to the Indian Army in the film

We want to give you a chance to do just that in your imagination. Actually, the famous Detective Comics that tells the story of Super Heroes, which you know as DC. He has shown his superhero characters Superman and Wonder Woman in one of his animated films invading Kashmir in India.

In a scene in this film, Super Man and Wonder Woman go to Kashmir. There they destroy the weapons and bases of the Indian Army saying that there is no place for the presence of weapons and army in disputed Kashmir.

This scene is part of DC’s new animated comic film called Injustice. This film has been released on Tuesday only. The writers of this film first described Kashmir as a disputed area. Then in this film it is shown how Super Man and Wonder Woman go to Kashmir and destroy the weapons of the army first. After this, we feel proud by declaring Kashmir as Military Free Zone.

New tool of propaganda against India

Now you can laugh and get angry at this hypocrisy of the makers of this film. Pakistan, which has nuclear bombs, does not have the courage to snatch Kashmir, so what can be said about these imaginary Super Heroes. The great thing in this is that earlier international organizations like United Nations, big NGOs of western countries, survey organizations of western countries used to question India in their reports. In this work, professors and writers who taught in big universities of western countries used to accompany him.

Now through the films of these western countries, propaganda is being done against India and it is very dangerous. These countries show in their films that their heroes are fighting aliens, saving the White House from terrorists. When it comes to India, they start calling areas like Kashmir as disputed areas and start questioning the army of India itself. Whether it is a Super Man or any hero, no one should have the courage to even raise their eyes towards India.

Hollywood has done such a thing before

In the year 2018, a film by Hollywood’s famous hero Tom Cruise came, which was named Mission Impossible Fall Out. In this film also Kashmir was shown as a disputed area. However, this scene was removed from the film after India’s objection.

Hollywood gets so much courage because we could never make Indian Super Heroes like Shaktimaan big. Bollywood tried to give some Super Heroes but they too did not get the same popularity as the Super Heroes of the West.

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What if there are no Super Heroes like Hollywood in our country? We have those real Super Heroes. Who protect India as a soldier in the inaccessible areas of Kashmir and Ladakh. You can understand the real Super Powers of these real Super Heroes of ours.

Indian soldiers are the real heroes of our country

Indian soldiers who are stationed in Siachen. They protect the country in the cold of minus 60 degrees Celsius. The atmosphere of Siachen contains only 10 percent oxygen as compared to the land. Siachen is the highest battlefield in the world.

In the 1962 war, in Rezang La, Ladakh, only 120 soldiers of India held 5 thousand Chinese soldiers under the leadership of Major Shaitan Singh. Now if Hollywood wants, it can show the stories of these soldiers of India as the character of Super Heroes.

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