Gold & Silver Rate: How cheap gold and silver became today, know the prices of both here

Gold & Silver Rate Today: Gold prices fell by Rs 119 to Rs 46,613 per 10 grams in the Delhi bullion market on Wednesday after the fall in the prices of precious metals in global markets. Due to this, gold had closed at Rs 46,732 per 10 grams in the last trading session. This fall of gold was seen today on the basis of dollar prices and gold closed in the Indian market after becoming cheaper.

how was silver
Today, the price of silver also declined by Rs 517 to Rs 61,671 per kg in Delhi’s bullion market. Silver had closed at Rs 62,188 per kg in the last trading session. Giving this information, HDFC Securities said that the dollar is rising in the global markets and it is affecting the price of gold. Along with this, the demand for gold and silver is increasing in the festive season, but today gold appeared in the negative zone in the country and its price was Rs 119 less than yesterday at the time of closing of business. Although today the fall in the rupee against the dollar was not much, but its effect was visible on the price of gold.

Gold and silver prices in global markets
In the international market, gold was trading higher at $ 1794 an ounce, while the price of silver remained stable at $ 23.66 an ounce. It did not see much fluctuation. There is not much volatility (volatility) being seen in the global markets in the price of gold and the prices are showing little ups and downs.

What is the opinion of the expert on gold
HDFC Securities Senior Analyst (Commodities) Tapan Patel said “Despite depreciation in rupee, spot price of 24 carat gold in Delhi has declined by Rs 119 in tandem with the fall in Comex (New York based commodity exchange)”.

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