Pappu Yadav will strengthen the hand of Congress, announced to support in the by-election

Patna: Pappu Yadav, the national president of the Jan Adhikar Party (Low) (JAP), has announced the support of the Congress in the upcoming by-elections. In a press conference held in Patna, the capital of Bihar on Friday, he told that the Congress in Bihar is fighting the battle to save Bihar. Fighting the battle of farmers and laborers. For this reason, to save Bihar, it has been decided to support the Congress party in the upcoming by-election.

decided to support Congress

Pappu Yadav said that Congress is fighting with full force by breaking away from the Grand Alliance in the by-elections. State Congress President Madan Mohan Jha has sought support from our party. A meeting of the National Committee of the Jan Adhikar Party was held today to seek the support of the Congress, in which it was unanimously decided to support the Congress candidate in the Tarapur and Kusheshwarsthan assembly by-elections. In view of the situation in the country, the party has decided to support the Congress. All the party leaders will start campaigning in Tarapur and Kusheshwar place from today itself. I (Pappu Yadav) myself will campaign in both the assemblies on October 26, 27, 28.

Pappu Yadav accused the opposition and said that the opposition of Bihar is negative. Never hit the streets. The Leader of the Opposition has an internal alliance with the BJP. Pappu Yadav told that today the situation in Bihar is very bad. Biharis are being insulted everywhere. Biharis are being killed in Kashmir. Even today thousands of Biharis are trapped in Kashmir. The ruling party and the opposition have nothing to do with these Biharis. Jan Adhikar Party urges the Bihar government for the safe return of Bihari laborers from Kashmir. If the government is unable to bring back the Bihari laborers, then the Jaap party will bring back the Biharis with its help.

urged the Chief Minister

Pappu Yadav said that if more than Rs 100 crore can be spent for the President, then why can’t the plane facility be provided to bring back Biharis. Jan Adhikar Party will bring back Bihari laborers safely from Kashmir by spending 50 lakh rupees. Pappu Yadav told that there is a flood situation in Mithila. We urge the Chief Minister to immediately waive all loans of farmers by declaring Kosi and Seemanchal areas as flood prone areas.

Pappu Yadav told that today he has met Congress in-charge Bhakta Charan Das. The situation in the country today, the farmers’ movement is being crushed. All government undertakings are being sold to Adani and Ambani. 110 rupees petrol, and 1000 per cylinder gas. People are moaning with inflation. Congress is fighting on the streets against this anti-people government. In the coming times, the Jan Adhikar Party will fight with the Congress firmly against the dictatorial government sitting at the center. Stopping migration from Bihar and eradicating poverty are the main priorities of our party.

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